Bird Watching

Sikkim covers two major zoo-geographical regions, the Oriental and the Palearctic, Varying climatic range from tropical heat in the valleys to the alpine cold of the snowy regions enriched by the abundance of rainfall makes a place for 1,300 avifaunal species found in the Indian subcontinent, out of which 527 were recorded for the region by noted ornithologists Salim Ali and S Dillon Ripley.

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Bird Watching

One of the best ways to birding in Sikkim is to get oneself off the beaten tracks.

Trekking is the best option to see Birds. Treks such as the Dzongri trek and the middle hills Trek between Varsey-Dentam, Pelling-Yuksam, offer great choices .Alternatively, driving over to secluded forested areas such as Pemayangtse, Khechiperi, Yuksam, Damthang, Lingzhya, Hee-Gyathang and many such places can yield equally interesting finds. Avid birders are assured ample opportunities to add more feathers to their checklist on sampling the hills and valleys inside Sikkim.